We want to make democracy more user-friendly – at every level – but in particular, at the local level where not only educated voting (Do you really know who to vote for at the local level when you close that curtain?), but finding and commenting on what is happening at local council meetings, school board meetings, etc. has been very difficult. With today’s technology, being an empowered citizen is overdue and Voterheads is committed to doing something about it. Read More

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Voterheads is forward-thinking, user-friendly, government-focused goodness, made magically easy.

If you haven't already, go see it for yourself.  Once you see how well-organized government can be, you'll wonder why we didn't do this earlier.


Sep 2017

Effectively Reach Out to Your Local Elected Officials

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The team here at Voterheads is passionate about making it easier for you to get involved in local government. By being a user of Voterheads, we hope
it’s now easier for you to find out when your town or county is talking about something important so that you can take action.

Once you find out something important is happening, the next thought for a lot of us is: “What can *I* do about it?” These thoughts are often coupled with a feeling of frustration and helplessness.

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Aug 2017

New Feature: Explore Your Passions Nationwide….Locally!

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Whether it be hot button topics like marijuana, immigration, and fracking, or less controversial issues like bike paths, signage, and property taxes, we realize many of our subscribers aren’t just interested in their passions in their own home town, but also are curious about how those issues are playing out across the country. Now you can get a peek at what other cities and counties are discussing legislation on the topic:

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Jun 2017

Join Us

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Our scrappy team at Voterheads could use your help!  We have a couple noticeable gaps in our founding team that we feel like, once filled, will help make us the platform we want to be, helping people and organizations across the country better engage with their local government.

We’re looking for a few new co-founders that could help fill these roles.  Like the rest of the co-founders, you’d be unpaid (did we mention scrappy?) positions until we increase our revenues.  Also like the rest of the co-founders, you’d have an ownership stake in the company.   The rest is pretty negotiable for the right person.  The roles we’re looking to fill are:

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