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Oct 2016

We’ve got your local ballot research tips right here ;)

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Since our founding, Voterheads has been busy trying to make it easier for the average citizen to understand and participate in local government issues.  That includes being able to learn more about the candidates at election time.  And that day has come!  

You may have heard that we recently partnered with our friends at Ballotpedia to share our local government monitoring service with their users.  And so we’d like to do the same and share with our users the amazing progress Ballotpedia has made towards getting you the information you need to make an informed voting decision this election.

ballotpedia-local-and-national-resultsOnce at Ballotpedia.org, just enter your address and voila!  There are your candidates with links to more info, including a link to a Google search of the candidate’s name. 

While you may find that some candidates only have basic info, such as those at the school board level, this is a great start that will only improve with each election as more candidates and voters use this valuable resource.  Ballotpedia even submitted a short survey to local candidates, but unfortunately, few responded.  The non-responders will eventually find out that maybe they could have helped their election results if they had.ballotpedia-house-results-expanded

You can check Ballotpedia’s list of candidates against what your state election commission has for your address by visiting your state election commission and submitting a quick and easy inquiry.  In fact, some states will instantly show your sample ballot to you, such as South Carolina.

We were also not surprised to learn that Google has recently joined this effort.  At Google.com, simply type in: see my ballot, hit enter, then type in your address and voila once again!  Check out those candidates!

google-see-my-ballotAnd guess what, the League of Women Voters is getting in on this, too. Simply visit their site: vote411.org and follow similar steps.

A quick review of all three sites found that Ballotpedia gave the most accurate and user-friendly information.  And we’re not just saying that because we are a partner.  Google had a better search link for each candidate (as they should!) but clumsily listed many additional school board candidates that belonged on a different ballot.  And Vote411 did not even list school board as a ballot option.

So there you go, America, progress is being made.  Once, what was just a Voterheads dream is becoming a reality!

This is a start, feel free to edit and enhance and let me know if I can help further.


Oct 2016

Improving Local Government is a Team Sport

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At Voterheads, we’re passionate about making local government easier to access and participate.  The same is true for our friends at Ballotpedia.  Thanks to some initial outreach by our board member Mike Switzer, we originally started talking with Ballotpedia this summer.  While we started the discussion around what we could do around the Midlands ballot project we did last election cycle, we quickly came to the conclusion that our scopes overlapped best at the municipal information level.

We had a great time working with Matt, Daniel, and the local desk team.  The result of that collaboration is improved transparency for the top municipalities in the nation.  Now, when you go to a City page at Ballotpedia:

You can now find the current and recent agendas, supplied by yours truly!

We’re excited to be working with Ballotpedia in a way that makes it easier for all of us to track our local governments.  At Voterheads, you can access these top municipalities and 1400 more cities and counties.

If you’re interested in partnering with us, shoot me an e-mail: karl@voterheads.com


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Sep 2016

Voterheads Launches Free Email Alert Service Nationally to Over 1,400 Cities and Counties Across the U.S.

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Columbia, SC─ September 19, 2016 ─ Voterheads announced today that citizens in all counties and cities across the country will be able to stay informed on local issues by registering online at  HYPERLINK “http://www.Voterheads.com” www.Voterheads.com.

“We are excited about launching our free service to citizens nationwide,” says Karl McCollester, CEO of Voterheads.  “Our goal is to make democracy more user-friendly at all levels.  Voterheads helps people find out what’s happening at local council meetings, school board meetings, and so much more.  Finding and commenting on what’s happening at these meetings has always been difficult.  Now, by subscribing to our service, citizens will be able to find out about any local meeting agenda item that might affect them, such as a nearby property owner applying for re-zoning.  Subscribers can then simply cast their votes and comment online showing their like or dislike of that issue.”

About the Service

Potential subscribers can go to www.Voterheads.com and enter a zip code, then select local organizations to monitor. Over 100 key interests, such as taxes, gun control, and civil rights, can be monitored.  After subscribing, an email will arrive each week containing a custom report with upcoming meetings, important agenda items, and issues that match personal interests. Subscribers can reply to the email with questions or comments.  Voterheads will forward those questions and comments to the appropriate officials.

About Voterheads.com

The goal of Voterheads is to provide an ongoing social media platform and alert service providing users with information and the ability to vote and comment on local public meeting agenda items in which they have an interest.  The service puts forth user-friendly candidate research in the form of a sample ballot linking to news, blogs, and other information specific to each ballot name and item.

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Jun 2016

Pets & Animals – National Trends for June 2016

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Throughout the month of May VoterHeads monitored 1241 Organizations and found 2621 new meetings within those organizations. Monitoring the topic of Pets and Animals, VH found 431 matching agenda items in those meetings, with Animal Control being the main topic of the majority of those. Asheboro North Carolina, for example, released a summary of statistics on their Animal Control over the past year. Some of the most impressive being the miles traveled (36,252) Animals picked up (673, with over 200 of those being dogs), and over 1,000 calls received.

That being said, there were a couple of interesting agenda items over the month of May outside of the usual realm of Animal Control: The main two of these stories occur in the towns of Cambridge MA and Greenville SC.

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