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Jan 2013

Another Penny Passed: What a recent S.C. county tax means for everyone, in Richland County and beyond

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If you live in South Carolina, you’ve probably heard of the Penny Transportation Tax passed in the recent election by voters of Richland County. “Richland County?” you might scoff if you live elsewhere, “What do I care about Richland County?” Now, wait just a minute. Not only does this tax affect anyone living in or visiting Richland County (supporters say nearly half of the revenue generated will come from non-residents), but it has implications for every other county and region as municipal and state governments are facing increasingly difficult decisions about how to improve infrastructure in the current penny-pinching economic climate. Tax referendums have been popping up all over the nation, to varying degrees of results. It’s certainly noteworthy that Richland County, SC, voted to support this 1% sales tax increase only four months after nine regions of Georgia, including the Atlanta region — one of the most traffic- and transportation-troubled regions in the country — shot down just such a tax.

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Jan 2013

Happy New Year From Voterheads

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All of us here at Voterheads.com would like to wish you — the real Voterheads out there — a happy, and empowered, New Year. Before we get to the juicy gossip about what’s coming in 2013, we’d like to acknowledge our major achievements of 2012.

At the beginning of 2012, Voterheads.com was accepted into the USC-Columbia Technology Incubator and has grown substantially since. The company has finished as Finalist in two business idea competitions, Ignite! and LaunchPadSC, and earned what some might consider an award in its own right: our first paying customer, a Fortune 100 regulated company receiving weekly local government reports for the state of South Carolina.

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