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Apr 2013

Forest Acres City Council General Election

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If any of you have ever tried finding out information about candidates running for city council (particularly those who have never held office before), you will realize how frustrating of an experience it is. Good luck finding any info beyond a candidate’s name, age, or occupation. Campaign websites, public statements, Facebook profiles — these are things that many don’t find relevant to “sleepy” little towns like Forest Acres.

Luckily, candidates’ phone numbers are publicly available information (which they should be, right? Why run for council if you don’t want to be accessible and accountable to the citizens you’re supposed to represent?). You can obtain these numbers yourself via a simple phone call inquiry to the Richland County Election Commission (or respective body for your area), but we’ve tried to spare you some time by contacting the candidates and getting some statements (and even contact info!) from them.

Note: Unfortunately not all candidates could be reached by the time of writing, but we’ll keep this updated as we can get a hold of them.

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