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Mar 2016

Immigration and Local Government – National Trends for February 2016

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The February Legislative Activity Report shows that 1,014 organizations held 1,527 new meetings for the month of February. Of these 1,527 meetings, 54 agenda items had an immigration component. Several meetings specifically addressed immigration issues including human trafficking, U.S. ICE, and paving an historical trail.

Jacksonville, Florida

February 23, 2016

Ordinance No. 2016-130

This was the first reading of Ordinance No. 2016-130 of the City of Jacksonville, Florida. It amended Chapter 150 of the Adult Entertainment and Services Code. This amendment created a new subsection (II) of 150.103 which is Definitions, and create a new section 150.413 which is Display of Public Awareness Signs for Human Trafficking. The Ord Code established a county wide requirement to post public awareness signs for human trafficking at all Massage, Bodywork, and Adult Entertainment establishments.

This amendment is presented pursuant to Section 787.29, F.S.; Provide for Severability; City Council Exercising its Powers as Governing Body of Duval County. It was introduced by C.M Hazouri.

Public Hearing Pursuant to Chapt 166, F.S. CR 3.601 – 3/8/16

1. 2/23/2016 CO Introduced: F,RCDPHS,R

Montgomery County, Texas

February 23, 2016

US ICE HIS Joint Operations Program with Montgomery county Sheriff’s Office

This was an agenda item to consider and accept a memorandum of understanding between the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement HIS Joint Operations Program and the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office. The agreement addressed FY2016 overtime with funds allocated to MOCONET – $8,250 and GANG UNIT – $6,000. All benefits are to be funded by the sheriff’s 5601 budget.

Another item addressed the consideration and approval of a Grant of Easement to Entergy to provide service to the Customs Facility at the Conroe-North Houston Regional Airport.

County of Chisago, Minnesota

February 17, 2016

Paving the Swedish Immigrant Regional Trail

The Regular Meeting of the County of Chisago Board of Commissioners met to discuss various topics. During their Citizen’s Forum which allows citizens to make statements, offer proposals, comment, or ask questions an agenda item was presented regarding the Swedish Immigrant Regional Trail. It discussed the Federal Trails Grant Application for paving the trail.

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Mar 2016

Pets and Local Government – National Trends for February 2016

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The February Legislative Activity Report shows that 999 organizations held 388 new meetings for the month of February. Of these 388 meetings, 46 agenda items had a pet or animal component. Several meetings specifically addressed pet and animal issues including extending registration date for dogs, changes to laws regarding impounding and disposition of at large animals, an update on an event for pet adoption, and a proposed law to create an animal abuse offender registry.

Ashtabula, Ohio

February 2, 2016

Resolution No. 2016-61

This agenda item addressed a resolution to extend the date of registration for dogs in Ashtabula County.

Lakewood, Ohio

February 1, 2016

Amendment to 505.03 Impounding and Disposition

This agenda item proposed several amendments to Section 505.03 of the Impounding and Disposition; Records, of the Codified Ordinances of the City of Lakewood. The sections that contained the proposed changed included:

  • Changing the impound directives from only identifying dogs and cats to including “such animals otherwise in accordance with this section.”
  • Changing the set fees for impounded dogs (a) wearing a valid registration tag. The itemized release fees were struck from the section and the amended guidance reads “charges established by Council.”
  • Changing the set fees for impounded cats (b) wearing a valid registration tag. The itemized release fees were struck from the section and the amended guidance reads “charges established by Council.”
  • Added guidance regarding animals that are removed from residences by the City because the owner is deceased, incarcerated, not found, evicted, or otherwise unable to care for the animal (c) on a daily basis. The animal is to be impounded by the officer who has been charged by law with the custody and disposal of animals in these circumstances. The animal will be held for no less than 72 hours and the owner may claim the animal during that time and it will be released only if all charges established by the Council are paid. The City will notify the owner through notice at the residence and other reasonable attempts. If the owner or owner’s designee does not claim the animal within the given time period, the animal will be considered abandoned and the City may sell or otherwise dispose of the animal in a humane manner.

The charges that are required by Sections 505.03(a), 50.03(b), and 505.03(c) of the Codified Ordinances is outlined in Section 2.  The charges include:

  • $10 per calendar day for impounding any animal
  • Actual costs of the provision of any notice to the owner
  • Actual costs of the disposal of any animal made pursuant to that section

Jacksonville Beach, Florida

February 1, 2016

Announcement First Coast No More Homeless Pets

This agenda item was an announcement made by Council Member Doherty that he and Council Member Vogelsang organized the Second Annual Beaches Oktoberfest. It was held on October 16-18, 2015. At this event, they raised $18,756 for the First Coast No More Homeless Pets. 32 dogs were adopted. They had a very good attendance and are planning a 2016 Oktoberfest and plan to partner with another local charity.

Erie County, New York

February 4, 2016

LL to Establish an Animal Abuse Registry in Erie County

This agenda item proposed a local law to establish an Animal Abuse Registry in Erie County. It includes all mammals, reptiles, birds and amphibians (and any other domesticated animal) in or near the owner’s or caretaker’s household. Animal Abuse Crime is defined by several New York State laws.

The Animal Abuse Registry would contain the name, residence address, birthdate, and face photograph of each person who resides in Erie County and is an animal abuse offender. The information regarding each conviction for animal abuse crimes will also be on their registry record. The registry would be available to the public on the internet.

The information would remain on the registry for 5 years following the offender’s release from incarceration or, if they were not incarcerated, from the date of the judgment of conviction. Second offense convictions would require the offender to be placed on the registry for an additional period of 10 years.

The registry would be established and maintained by the Erie County Sheriff’s Office.

Any person who is convicted of an animal abuse crime will be required to register with the Erie County Animal Abuse Registry within 30 days of release from incarceration or from the date of judgment of conviction if they were not incarcerated. They will be required to provide all the information that is required for the registry, and will be required to update their information in the database on an annual basis. If there is an address change, they have 30 days to notify the registry. The offender will be required to pay $50 a year as long as they are required to be on the registry.

While the person is on the registry they may not possess, adopt, own, purchase, or exercise control over any animal. No animal shelter or pet seller in Erie County will be allowed to sell, exchange, or otherwise transfer ownership of any animal to the offender as long as they are listed on the registry. They are required to search the database prior to such transactions to determine that the person is not on the registry.

Penalties are as follows:

  • Failure to Register – a fine not to exceed $500
  • Purchase of an animal while on the registry – a fine not to exceed $1,000
  • Prohibited sale of an animal to an animal abuse registrant – a fine not to exceed $250 (NOTE: There is an apparent typographical error in Section 6 Subset C and the word “exceed” is omitted. However, the context of the sentence implies that the word “exceed” should have been inserted and was inadvertently left out.)

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Mar 2016

Public Transit and Local Government – National Trends for February 2016

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The February Legislative Activity Report shows that 1,014 organizations held 407 new meetings for the month of February. Of these 407 meetings 431 agenda items had a public transit component. Several meetings specifically addressed public transit issues including improving public transportation, constructing sidewalks and paths, and making bus stops safer and more secure.

Lauderhill, Florida

February 8, 2016

Ordinance No. 160-01-101

This was the second reading of Ordinance No. 160-01-101 of the City of Lauderhill, Florida. It was created to amend land development regulations that are associated with transit centers and bus stops in the area including addressing the need for pedestrian security and safety at these bus stops and transit centers.

There were three primary objectives for this proposal:

  • Increase mass transit ridership
  • Reduce emergency fatalities
  • Increase residents’ perception of Lauderhill as an excellent place to live

Rancho Cucamonga, California

February 3, 2016

Resolution No. 16-006 and Resolution No. 16-007

Both of these resolutions were presented to Fire Protection District, Successor Agency, Public Financing Authority, and City Council. They were listed under Item Number M6. These resolutions were both related to the same project.

Resolution No. 16-006 requested consideration to accept sidewalk improvements for various bus stops in the area that occurred during the FY 2014/2015, Contract Number 15-106. The request was to accept them as complete release the Bonds, accept a Maintenance Bond, authorize the Interim Director of Engineering Services and City Engineer to file a Notice of Completion and approve the final contract.

Resolution Number 16-007 requested authorization of the Interim Director of Engineering Services and the City Engineer to file a claim for the reimbursement of approved SANBAG funding from the Transportation Development Act Article 3, 20% Transit Access Funds.

Final contract amount is $66,273.73.

Wilsonville, Oregon

February 1, 2016

Amendment of The Year 2000 Urban Renewal Plan

The City of Wilsonville Urban Renewal Agency met to discuss adding a “minor” amendment (the 10th amendment) to the plan. There was a motion to approve it and the Advisory Board recommended approval of the 10th amendment.

The Council approved amendment had a goal to “encourage and support the availability of a variety of transportation choices for moving people that balance vehicular use with other transportation modes, including walking, bicycling, and transit in order to avoid principal reliance upon any one mode of transportation,”

It placed great emphasis on safety and balance, to minimize cross jurisdictional commuting, provide bicycle and pedestrians connections between residential neighborhoods and major recreational activity centers as well as commercial and industrial resources. It proposed that sidewalks be provided on both sides of the street and any gaps in off street pathways and sidewalks would be filled so a system of continuous bicycle and pedestrian facilities could be created.

Additionally, all transportation facilities would be ADA compliant.

Hamilton, Ohio

February 10, 2016

Recommendation relative to Change Order #1 Millville/Wasserman/Smalley Intersection Improvements

This Caucus Report was in regard to Contract #15-09 – Change Order #1. The contract was awarded to Barrett Paving Materials Inc. to construct the improvements as outlined. During the course of the company’s contracted work, other work in addition to what was outlined in the original contract was performed including on the roadway subbase, adjacent driveways, and alignment of underground utilities. The Public Works Department reviewed and approved all quantities and additions to the contract.

The original contract amount for the project was $521,527.14. The improvements listed under Change Order Number 1 were $7,481.51. The final amount of the contract was $529,308.65. It was noted that the increase in work would not have changed the order of the original low bidder and second bidder.

The City Manager, Joshua A. Smith recommended that the Council receive the report and concur in the recommendation.

The City of Hamilton Annual Action Plan Update for FY 2016-2017 was also presented. Improvements to accessible, affordable transportation and other public services for the elderly, youth, homeless, and other citizen in a structure that is safe and secure were included. There was also a recommendation that the City’s Public Service priorities include assisting agencies that increase transportation services for residents, continue to support transportation services for low and very low income residents of the city, and improve attractiveness and functionality of transportation facilities.

The priority need level for transportation services is considered to be significant with an estimated dollar amount required to address the issues for that FY to be $10,000,000.

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