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Jan 2014

Voterman Rises

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The past of Voterman is shrouded in legends, myths, exaggerations, half-truths, and lies.

Some say he was sent from a distant planet, a planet whose people’s divisive politics had resulted in massive wars economic collapse, famine, and eventually total destruction.  From the last beacon of civilization on this blighted landscape, as a mere infant, Voterman was sent to warn and aid us.

Others say he was genetically engineered in a secret laboratory under the Washington Monument, where the most brilliant scientists of the day labored to combine the DNA of our greatest leaders in order to produce a child with their greatest attributes, a child to lead us into the future with the wisdom of the giants from our past.

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Aug 2013

Shoulda Had a VH!

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South Carolina’s capital city has been awash the past few days with controversy over a recent proposal passed by City Council to address what many refer to as the city’s increasingly visible “homeless problem.” Voices raging from all sectors of the community, from the small business owners on Main St to lawyers to bed and breakfast owners to homeless rights advocates to city council members, are so numerous and heated that it’s hard not to get swept up in the debate. Not even just the national media has picked this up — but so has local press in Detroit and elsewhere.

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Jul 2013

Columbia: The Bull St. Redevelopment

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There’s been a lot of hype recently in Columbia about the redevelopment of the State Hospital property on Bull St, and time is getting short for the public to voice their opinions about it in the hopes of swaying their elected officials. The City Council meets Tuesday (7/9) for the final vote on the agreement, which, if approved, will involve an infrastructure investment by the City of $31.25 million. The public has been divided over the subject, though, and an editorial in The State Sunday called for the Council to postpone the vote in order to allow more time to educate the public about the project and garner public support. Mayor Benjamin and the Council have already shown their commitment to listening to the public’s concerns — they’re in the process of adjusting the agreement based on concerns raised at last Monday’s hearing.

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