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Sep 2017

Effectively Reach Out to Your Local Elected Officials

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The team here at Voterheads is passionate about making it easier for you to get involved in local government. By being a user of Voterheads, we hope
it’s now easier for you to find out when your town or county is talking about something important so that you can take action.

Once you find out something important is happening, the next thought for a lot of us is: “What can *I* do about it?” These thoughts are often coupled with a feeling of frustration and helplessness.

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Jun 2017

Fun in the Summertime: Sun and Wind Energy Policy

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With the official start of summer around the corner, we at Voterheads are looking forward to enjoying the best the season has to offer: longer days, vacation, sunshine, and cool breezes.  To help all of you get into the summer mood, we thought what better way than a blog on local solar and wind energy policy.

Yes, even summer can be tied to our favorite subject of local government!  If you have ever driven by a house covered with shiny black solar panels or by a field with large air turbines, you may wonder how they ended up there.

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