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Jul 2013

Columbia: The Bull St. Redevelopment

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There’s been a lot of hype recently in Columbia about the redevelopment of the State Hospital property on Bull St, and time is getting short for the public to voice their opinions about it in the hopes of swaying their elected officials. The City Council meets Tuesday (7/9) for the final vote on the agreement, which, if approved, will involve an infrastructure investment by the City of $31.25 million. The public has been divided over the subject, though, and an editorial in The State Sunday called for the Council to postpone the vote in order to allow more time to educate the public about the project and garner public support. Mayor Benjamin and the Council have already shown their commitment to listening to the public’s concerns — they’re in the process of adjusting the agreement based on concerns raised at last Monday’s hearing.

First of all, we love all of this sincere dialogue going on in our community. We applaud the Council for listening to all of the project’s critics and supporters alike, and for actively responding to concerns raised. This is something all of us Voterheads out there hope to continue seeing in the future, and something we’re trying to make easier with The good news is that Voterheads Alpha is up and running for the Midlands, meaning that we’ve got public dialogue on the Bull St agreement covered. Whether the final vote is postponed or not, it’s not too late for you to log in to (or create an account if you haven’t yet!), go to the City of Columbia Bull St Development 2nd Public Hearing agenda for July 9 (make sure you’ve put City of Columbia as one of your watched organizations), and vote on the item (Ordinance No.: 2013-072) and write any comments you may have. City Council members will be able to view your votes and comments and take them into consideration as they cast their final votes on Tuesday.

How do you feel about the plans for the Bull St property? Let your City officials know by voting and commenting on the agenda!

Shelby Switzer
Shelby Switzer

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