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Jan 2013

Happy New Year From Voterheads

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All of us here at would like to wish you — the real Voterheads out there — a happy, and empowered, New Year. Before we get to the juicy gossip about what’s coming in 2013, we’d like to acknowledge our major achievements of 2012.

At the beginning of 2012, was accepted into the USC-Columbia Technology Incubator and has grown substantially since. The company has finished as Finalist in two business idea competitions, Ignite! and LaunchPadSC, and earned what some might consider an award in its own right: our first paying customer, a Fortune 100 regulated company receiving weekly local government reports for the state of South Carolina.

Our team has been working hard to finish all parts of the website as soon as possible, and we’re pleased to announce that the web design for several pages at has been finished. Our code development switch to the Ruby-on-Rails platform is about one-third complete, with more progress being made every day.

We’ve created an Advisory Board to ensure a constant source of professional advice and guidance, drawing on expertise from local administration and municipal professionals, technology entrepreneurs, and political advocates. In fact, we’ve been on a creation-binge this year, creating entertaining and informative videos about “The Voterheads Story” and uploading them to our new Youtube Channel. Our latest entry can be found here.

We also created Voterheads Ballot Research pages for Richland and Lexington Counties at our Voterheads Blog. In connection with a lot of this activity, we’re pleased to announce the appointment of our new Social Media Director, Shelby Switzer, who has some exciting things planned for 2013 (see below).

We’ve been working closely with the USC Moore School of Business and the USC Computer Science School to develop our database compilation, increase our relationships with advocacy groups, regulated companies, etc., and patent some of the unique parts of the business model. Many thanks to the many individuals and professionals at these institutions and in our communities who are helping grow.

Now, none of us here at could resist making a few New Year’s resolutions, so here’s what you can look forward to in the year ahead:

We solemnly pledge to keep the social media aspect of alive and kicking, so you can receive frequent updates from our Facebook page, Twitter, Youtube Channel, and blog (and even Pinterest coming soon, for all you pin junkies out there!).  As we begin to blog about the hot issues in South Carolina affecting your ballot, like the upcoming special election in May, we’ll be working to keep you alerted with every piece of news and enable your comments on our platforms. And we’ll be taking it to the street, seeking you, the real Voterheads — the average Joe, the working, the unemployed, the soccer mom — and publishing your opinions on these topics, enabling you to get your voice heard and engage with these issues.

On the tech side of things, we aim to have the entire platform for the Midlands up and running by the end of spring. With all the excitement generated by this first stage of completion and by the resolution outlined above, the next areas to be covered by our platform should be within easy grasp. In the meantime, for those of you looking for a fun event in the spring, make sure you put on your calendar the annual Innoventure Conference in Greenville, where will be presenting for the second year in a row.

That’s about all of our resolutions we can share at the moment — but it’s just a taste of the excitement. Stay tuned for the next update from the great citizen empowerment project of this millennium,

Shelby Switzer
Shelby Switzer

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