We want to make democracy more user-friendly – at every level – but in particular, at the local level where not only educated voting (Do you really know who to vote for at the local level when you close that curtain?), but finding and commenting on what is happening at local council meetings, school board meetings, etc. has been very difficult. With today’s technology, being an empowered citizen is overdue and Voterheads is committed to doing something about it. Read More

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Feb 2017

Startup Grind selects Voterheads for Top 100

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Columbia, S.C. – February 22, 2017 –Voterheads was inducted into the 2017 Class of Startup Exhibitioners by Startup Grind at their annual event held this month in California.

“Of the 6,000 plus startups that were considered, 100 were selected representing the Startup Grind community across 80 countries. These startups have great teams, traction, technology, and massive markets,” says Derek Anderson, founder and CEO of Startup Grind.

“Voterheads’ mission is to offer a free service that makes democracy more user-friendly at a local level across the United States. We are very proud and excited to have been chosen from 6,000 candidates,” said Karl McCollester, CEO of Voterheads.

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Dec 2016

Women’s Issues – A look at some 2016 examples

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The 2016 presidential election marked a significant historical achievement for women’s rights in the United States: a major political party selected a woman to be its candidate for the presidency.  Due in part to Hillary Clinton’s candidacy, women’s issues became an important part of the national political discussion, inspiring conversations from the dinner table to all levels of government.  In order to see how local governments across the country recently tackled similar issues, we perused the Voterheads database for some interesting stories.  Here are three from the past couple of months!

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Nov 2016

Immigration at the Local Level – A look at some 2016 examples

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Do you think of immigration only as a national and international issue? Unless you live along one of the United States’ borders, perhaps you think that immigration is not that important for your state, town, or city. This isn’t surprising. Immigration almost always comes up during presidential and congressional elections, like it did during the 2016 election. Its no wonder if you think of immigration only in those terms.

From concerns regarding the protection of the United States’ borders to the impact of immigration on the availability of jobs, its easy to see why the issue is so crucial at the highest levels of government. Yet  is a local issue too! From the impact of new immigrant groups upon an area to the encouragement of diversity in dense populations, city and county governments continually address immigration in their day to day work. Keep reading to see how some of the local governments from the Voterheads database tackled issues related to immigration last month.

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